Creating 3D (Example: Sphere) in Vb component

Hei iam having Rhino 5 that contains Grasshopper,

iam trying to creating using Vb component my own definition of spheres. for some reason when i want to create new Sphere, it shows that OnSphere is not defined.
Is there anything i need ti import to by Vb class in order to find it ? Or is it related to the version of the rhino/ Grasshopper.


Apologies if this is stating the obvious but have you tried removing the ’ from the start of the lines? they are currently commented out?

Ofcourse i removed, i just put them at the end to test that there is no other errors.

My only problem is how can i print the sphere into rhino using coding.
if iam having this Code

Dim tSphere As New Sphere
tSphere.Radius = 4
tSphere.Center = (0,0,0)

What else should i do that sphere appears in rhino?

Thanks, i will try :slight_smile:

Dont separate the new and the parameters


Dim tSphere As New Sphere(New Point3d(0, 0, 0), 4)

or in the case above:

Dim tSphere As New Sphere(FirstPoint, Radius)

It is Working Thanks a lot :slight_smile: