PointinCurve fails

Why is “Point in Curves” failing to find some points here?
All the points perfectly reside on the curves.

inCrve_no.gh (191.9 KB)

Try to use Cull Pattern.

inCrve_no_re.gh (380.6 KB)

if i understand your suggestion Cull Pattern simply kicks out all the "0"s from the point list. in fact the "0"s should be "1"s, as the points are coincident (1) with the kurves and not outside (0).
the points that have been missing before (when using In Curves) are now here, but instead other four points are missing.

The point of index 1 in the path{0;0;6} is clearly outside of the curves.

sorry, there was some mess when internalizing the point date to onls post the relevant part of the solution. tried to reproduce the original problem again and attached two screenshots…

inCrve_no_2.gh (188.7 KB)

Connect “R” output to the Cull Pattern.