PointDeviation Statistics - Point count



just a minor thing with the new dockable _PointDeviation dialog. I think the 5 digit decimal is not required for the Point count under Statistics:

…unless someone invented fractional points in Rhino6 of course :wink:


(Pascal Golay) #2

Oi. We’ll fix it, thanks…




Thanks. btw. is it normal that the old “Apply” button is gone? I cannot make it update if i change any of the settings. Once i click on “End” it switches the button to “Start”. If i start over with my entered values the result (the color and hair length) displayed on screen does not match what i’ve entered. Here is V6:

Same objects and values in V5 the hair length and colors show correct:


(Pascal Golay) #4

@clement - do you still see this? It all looked correct when I tested, (I forgot to get back to you.)



Hi @pascal, it look like it’s fixed so i checkmark your reply. Thanks.

btw. there is also a useful new feature in the command, it now allows two meshes to be selected and then displays the deviation between both.