Pointcloud > Mesh - Trying to get Color attribute

Hello all,

This is a pointcloud scan of a painting, 7’x7’ in real life.

I found a pointcloud to mesh script (searching for credit link, will edit in) and it worked beautifully. The on screen boxes appear the color extracted from the painting, but I can’t get that parameter to continue through.

When I export as a .fbx, or .obj with .mtl the materials are all assigned as 1 for all objects. If I select by color, I get all cubes selected even though they display different colors.

What do yall think about this one? Hope the screenshots get the picture - The 41MB file wont attach right now, will come back.

box script.py (1.4 KB)

I’m assuming that’s because the mesh vertex colors are not considered as object color. Perhaps the script needs to assign a monochrome material with the correct color to the mesh boxes instead of coloring the mesh vertices? Or maybe a simple object color would do?

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Maybe something like this?

ColoredPointsToBoxes.py (1.8 KB)

Beware, it will create one material for each point… So if you have a lot of points, that might cause problems… dunno.

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Ah this is fantastic! Thank you for taking your time to do this - I have an NFT with your name on it if you share a wallet address

This was 2000 pts/materials and my PC is doing fine but bit much for Adobe Aero on iphone.

Thank you very much!

OK, cool glad it helped! No remuneration is necessary, like most people here, I do this for fun.