Random points from multiple lists

Hello, I have a data tree with 11 lists in it each list has x branches that vary between 0-3 in height. I’m trying to randomly select a point from each of the 11 lists. so i can use it as the top point for my interpolated curves. Can someone help and explain how you go about doing so, so that i can learn for next time. Thank you!
terra x terra working file.gh (32.2 KB)
terra x terra working file.3dm (75.7 KB)

Unable to open R7 .3dm file in R6. Can you just internalize the geometry?


There is a standard GH component for this.

there are several ways you can do that, for instance you could randomly mix the points in each branch and then pick the first one from the mixed list:

by dragging this slider you change the seed of the random solution

terra x terra working file_Re.gh (33.1 KB)
@Joseph_Oster I have replaced the Putterfish component in this save, the Rhino file actually is not needed…

Thanks, I figured out where to put the MidPt component on my own. The objective isn’t so clear to me though?

This statement confuses me? “a data tree with 11 lists” is a data tree with 11 branches so what does this mean?

x branches that vary between 0-3 in height

My wording my be incorrect for the terms but. I have 11 lines of points coming down. 1 line of points for each of the spans. Im trying to get a random point in each of these lines of points selected. Does this clear things up?

@Joseph_Oster ^

to make things easier, you can just random move the original points along Z, without generating unnecessary ones

terra x terra working file_ReRe.gh (31.2 KB)

No. Are you looking for a result like this?

terra x_2021_Jun21a.gh (31.6 KB)

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Yes i am thank you


Thank you for your help i appreciate it a lot!

Version ‘B’: Eliminated redundant sliders (set to “11”), simplified layout.

terra x_2021_Jun21b.gh (36.3 KB)

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