Point position in space?

Strange I haven’t needed this before - Is there a way to get an XYZ readout of a point’s position in world space? And therefore, to edit the point’s XYZ values manually? I would think there would be an edit box for this - no?


Hi David - EvaluatePt will tell you the current coordinates, and SetPt will let you set them directly - does that do it?


Yea thanks Pascal - seems to work pretty well. Might be more intuitive to have some kind of simple XYZ dialogue box open up where the user can just manually input values, and view the current/previous values all at once. Ideally, I would think XYZ values of a point(s) would just show up under the object’s Properties when you select the points. Then just have XYZ field (or table) that the user could edit to change the values. Kinda’ like how when you select a Leader object, you can just change the text of the leader really easily in the Properties window. That would be a really intuitive user experience.


Hi David- are you referring to point objects, or control points here?



Specifically Control Points in this case. I’m editing control points for a curve.

OK - so, yes, I understand the request - probably not all that straightforward to implement as control points are not really objects in the database like point objects are… Do you find you want to set the coordinates of control points numerically as a general practice?



I don’t use it all the time, but right now I’m building some curves for fabric trim pieces and I’m finding it useful to be able to manually type in point positions.

Pascal- Now that you bring up the concept that curve points aren’t separate objects, there are many times that I do want to treat curve points like objects. For example, right now I would love to be able to project a curve point onto a surface. Since they are not real objects, I have to first create a dummy point, project that, then snap to that point. I’m guessing there are many other uses for working with curve points as their own objects…


This kind of function has been asked for in the past. Here is a Python script I have for “projecting” control points to surfaces. Note that in most cases, projecting a curve’s control points to a surface will not make the curve lie on the surface, as a curve’s control points do not necessarily lie on the curve.


ProjectGrips.py (2.3 KB)

Hi Mitch
first tanks for this python file .
just i have a request if you can help me i want to find a
way to geolocalize in building . the problem it s to analyze a
file IFC and after (using python ) and give for each
one (person for example) in the building there coordinate (x,y,z)
Thanks ot-man

I’ve always found it odd that you can project a curve point to the CPlane, but you can’t project it to another surface. That would be very handy, indeed.

I’d also very much like for the “Align” command to work with curve points.

Hi @Helvetosaur It seems that the script has removed or was not on the server. Can you re-upload it again?

many thanks.

Yeah, there are a bunch of cases like this, the Discourse people screwed something up on the server and we never completely recovered everything. Here is the script again.

ProjectGrips.py (2.3 KB)

@Helvetosaur got it, many thanks

Hello, is there a way to have the ordinate information (xyz) displayed as callouts/tags/text kinga thing ?

Hi -

This is possible in Rhino 7 with a Text Field: