Accessing the coordinate value of a control point for editing

Hello I am trying to edit some topography. This is formed from editable points. Obviously to do this I can select each point and use gumball blue axis to move point. Surface in its vicinity of will change; I imagine this is determined by some sort of rate of change of curvature based on calculuus or something (can anyone explain the math to me as long as it’s faitly simple)

But biggest problem is that in order to do this accurately I would like to be able to read x,y, z coordinates of each point. That way it read like a proper map with reduced level of various points on a hillside. I know Rhino was originally intended for jewellery design but can be adapted for landscape design.
When I click on control point properties toolbar on right just tells me info relating to viewport, camera etc.
Is there a solution to this?

No, but…

You can find point locations with EvaluatePt - snap to the control poin t you care about, and you can place it to any coordinate using SetPt.

Does that help at all?