Point order + interpolate curve

Hello - I am grappling with a task regarding point order + using the interpolate curve component.

I have a series of points (50+) along a y-axis, with varying z-values. I have several columns of this type of data that I would like to further analyze, there are 300+ columns, unfortunately the point order is in a non linear progression. {1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 7, 6, 5, 0} This example has only 9 values, but I have columns of points with between 40 and 200 points per column…

I understand this is common and have watched a few tutorials and read several posts on how to sort points, but I am still struggling…

I basically want to connect-the-dots in a linear fashion. The good news (I think) is that the points are all common to the y-axis, only varying z-values…

I have enclosed a simplified screenshot, my collection of points is more vast.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Even if, in the off chance, someone knows a related post that would be great.

Thank you. J

Use Deconstructto get the “Y” components of points and use this list as a sortable key when you use Sort List afterward.

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Thank you for the feedback.