Point on Curve - GH 0.9 vs 1

(Tim Stark) #1


I’m just wondering if I’m to stupid or I missed something, but it is possible to double click on Point on curve component in Grasshopper 1 to edit the evaluation? In GH 0.9 it’s like editing a numberslider, where you can write the number. In GH 1 I just can select 1/4,1/3 etc when I right click on the the component. Can somebody tell me why this got changed or did I missed something and it’s possible?

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(David Rutten) #2

Did that double clicking ever work? I don’t remember writing it, or removing that functionality, but then it’s been years so I may just have forgotten.

You’ll just have to use a regular slider hooked up to an Evaluate Length component if you want that kind of accurate control.

(Tim Stark) #3

ok, answered my question - I’m stupid :smiley: thought I remembered that was possible. I like the point on curve component. Less components make a large definition cleaner. Maybe I just make an user object for that :slight_smile: