QuadRemesh Request - Maximum Deviation

Would be good to have indications similar to what Rebuild has, showing the maximum deviation and the points where this deviation occurs.

This way, when reverse engineering for example, we could see if the mesh is good in high quality areas and if the deviation is occurring on areas where the scan was already bad.


you mean while running the command?
otherwise you still have the command PointDeviation.

Yes, I mean during the execution of the command, with preview on, so I could better tweak the options to get the best result.


yeah, would make sense i guess

It would make a lot of sense for me as well!

I am using SubD right now to transition from a “frozen” NURB geometry which I cannot modify to a “free-style” area with SubD.
I need to keep G0/G1/G2 continuity in the intersection edge with the original NURB then tweak the other side.

I am Quadremeshing part of the NURB to a SubD then keep 2 rows untouched in way of Nurb-SubD connection to play with faces and edges on the other side of SubD.

A Maximum deviation calc during execution of the command would help.

P.S. SubD are really cool!!

look like PointDeviation does NOT work with SubD

I see that , thanks - not sure how easy it will be but:
RH-67195 PointDeviation: Accept SubD as source of points


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