Point Cloud processing for KeyShot


I have a point cloud representing a solid that is shaped like a somewhat convoluted cucumber. I would like to modify the point cloud in a way that would make it appear as a solid object in KeyShot. The cloud consists of points (on the object surface) in Cartesian coordinates and I can vary the number from a few 10’s of thousands to 10’s of millions of points. The cloud is analytically created and the points are relatively well behaved, without noise and without folds in the surface where a fold is covered by another fold… The final objective is a 3D figure that may be manipulated in KeyShot and have a “realistic” appearance.

I am considering Rhinoceros and some of the reversing plugins. Has anyone tried to do something like this or are there any suggestions for how to proceed? Is Rhinoceros software a reasonable choice for this application?

The suggestion: “Learn from the mistakes of others as I do not have time to make them all myself .” applies here.


Hi Paul,

can you post or show the pointcloud you have ? Maybe we can help to convert it into something Keyshot can read.

Rhino is predominantly aimed at creating NURBS objects, from these NURBS objects, polygonal objects (meshes) can be extracted and imported into Keyshot. In order to render something you´ll need to create such shadeable geometry from your pointcloud first.

Rhino can import pointclouds, with built in commands and various plugins like eg. Resurf3D, which is able to built nurbs / meshes from the point information, the results can then be further edited and passed to Keyshot.