Point Break info

The Grasshopper Break Point message gives the id of the component that “expired during a solution” whatever that means :

If I want to find the actual component, I “could” theoretically use the InstanceId, maybe with metahopper, or finding a way to write that in C#, but it’s not possible to copy/paste this string.

So what’s the point ?
It reminds me of this type of Windows error message :

Unhandled exception

Don’t know if this workaround helps you.

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Thanks Keyu.

Actually, in my case , I had just one “Bakelayer” component, so it was obvious which one was causing the issue.

The issue itself is not solved by the way : I have no idea why this component causes so much fuss, INCLUDING if I disable it !

My plugin above will print a detailed stack trace providing more information, which is what I believe may help you.

Yes, it does ! I was just mentionning the Elefront “BakeLayer” component becasue it seems to cause a lot of this kind of trouble, and maybe someone could have a solution / know the reason why.

Could anyone tell me how to find the specific component on the canvas, based on the ID given in the Breakpoint window ?

something like this :

private void RunScript(Guid id, object y, ref object A)
    GrasshopperDocument.FindComponent(id).AddRuntimeMessage(GH_RuntimeMessageLevel.Error, "I am the partypooper");

Mahdiyar taught me something here.
The “Find” tool allows Ids as inputs.

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yeah, I saw this.
Really nice. Even after so many years, still so much to discover.
I know it is not satisfying but maybe better than copying manually the text could be using OCR.
Edit: Just saw you used already google lens.