Component InstanceId : OK, now what?


Trying to find a component on the canvas based on it’s InstanceId.
It’s an Elefront “Modify RhinoObject Attributes” component which is screwing-up my definition.
Only problem : I have many of those scattered all over the place, including inside clusters.
How can I pinpoint it ? I’ve got it’s “InstanceId”… now what ?

You can find the specific component with the given InstaceId like this:


Excellent ! Thanks.
Is there a way to copy the Id from the breakpoint message window, or is it like the usual chore of writing down a wifi password from the back of the internet access device ?

I used Google lens to copy the Id.
@DavidRutten It would be really more practical if it could be copied directly from the Breakpoint window.
Even better if it was a link that zoomed directly to the component in the canvas.

So here is the little rascal :