Point Bevel

Can Rhino7 Bevel a point?

Do you mean like this?

(Note that the pyramid being bevelled gets truncated at the point where the bevels touch, so if you want to come to a sharp point you have to add a small pyramid to the top)


Hi, I ment to take a box and when you bevel the 8 point of the box you get 8 triangles like it works in modo, can it be done in rhino?
Thank You

Like this?

There is no native command to do this in a single step if that is what you are asking (I’m not familiar with Modo), but it is easy to construct and could be scripted.


Thank You what I also ment & didn’t write was to do this as a subD tool for points in a subD mesh.

Hi @emquies, this feature is not in Rhino but it has been requested earlier here: Add SubD Chamfer Vertex for Rhino7?
I registered your request too.

Thank you

I think Lunchbox in GH could give you, in some cases, similar effects and control.

It can be done with Weaverbird.

20_12_28_weaverbird_bevel_edges_vertices.gh (14.9 KB)

Thank you , I wanted to use the point bevel inside a work flow for manipulating subD.
My big wish is that the rhino gumball & the subD selection tools(Filters) would be similar to Modo
With these two (Gumball & smart selection of Points\polygons\edges )you can easily manipulate a subD object