Plugin to project shadow contours

Hey everyone,

I was wondering whether there was a way to export shadows to a vector file. I know Archicad supports this and I found this plugin for SketchUp that creates surfaces for the projected shadows, so they won’t be lost when exporting the screen to a pdf.

I make renderings in Illustrator and the ability to export vector shadows would be extremely useful. I looked into Penguin, but as far as I know it doesn’t support vector shadows, either.

Is there a way to achieve this in Rhino? Or with an external renderer other than SketchUp?

I’m not sure how far this has come in Ladybug for Grasshopper but you could give that a try.
Perhaps @Mostapha can chime in here…

Thank you, I’ll look into it.

Hi Messimore- I don’t know if it is relaible enough but I have an ancient script that will make curves from ‘cast shadows’ on the CPlane from a parallel light. You can set the light direction or select a parallel or spotlight (shadows seem to be only parallel however) The output is all of the surface silhouettes (probably not useful usually but grouped for easy deletion) as well as the outer edge curves of the shadows, which is probably more like what you want, You’re welcome to try it- I’m happy to try to tune it up as well - this os a pretty old thing and probably only moderately tested at best.

If you unzip, then drag and drop the rvb script onto Rhino, you’ll have a new ‘command’(actually an alias) called


You can type this just like any command and it will run the script. (1.2 KB)

I had a try at pytyhonizing the idea as well - this lets you choose target objects, and a light or the sun for the direction. (5.6 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


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Hi guys, maybe there is another possibility, how to earn some curves or shapes on surface, and you can export these. Look at and find eve|sun plugin to Rhino :slight_smile: Install and try.

But i have to note, that i really like this Pascal’s script! Easy and usefull. Maybe one think, which would be excellent, if there could be an option to choose surface, where shadows should appear.

I will be happy, if this command will be added to new version…


Thanks @wim.
@messismore as far as it is not a complicated geometry Ladybug has a WIP component that should do this for you. You can bake the shadows as geometries. Here is a video that shows an example:

Hi Mostapha,
i downloaded LB+HB, but unfortunately, i cannot dowanload DAYISM 4.0 and EnergyPlus 8.1 from links posted in text file. Does exist any other way how to get these files?


Hi Pascal

I’m sorry to revive this 5 year old thread but I can’t get the script to work and it would be massively helpful. I’m referring to the python script.
It works fine at first until I confirm the light, I get the error message:

Message: ‘namespace#’ object attribute ‘SilhouetteType’ is read-only

I’m using Rhino 5.5 for Mac.

Kind regards Simon

Hi Simon - I almost certainly wrote the script using the V6 sdk.


Hi Pascal,

I tried it on my personal computer which runs V6 and it worked fine. Thank you for this script, it’s gonna make my workflow much easier.

  • Simon

stil works nicely!

What’s the status quo on vector drop shadows - preferrably not only on a plane, but arbitrary geometry?

I use Ladybug for creating the sun direction vectors, which works nicely, but for the vector drop shadow itself I use the standard “Mesh Shadow” component - which takes Mesh, Light vector and Plane as input.

So, any way to get vector shadows projected on any geometry?
Thanks a lot!

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I would love to know the answer to this as well.