Plugin to create laser-cut lines for physical parametric cardboard model

Hey there.
I am new in Grasshopper world, I learnt basic parametric modelling in Grasshopper. And I am very curious to know about the laser cutting and modelling complex surface with cardboard. Is there is any plugin like (Autodesk slicer) in Rhino or Grasshopper environment which automatically generates closed curves and organised the curves for laser cutting.
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Huzefa Malik

Check these plugin useful for laser cutting.

BowerBird plugin

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Thank you for that plugin it is awesome :smiley:
Is there a neat way of adjusting the number placement, I’m very much a GH noob.


Thanks to all these plugin developers. Since you didn’t upload the file, image I can’t answer specifically for your problem.

A neat way of adjusting the labeling of numbers:

I also wish to see your output.