You may need to update the latest Rhino service release to use this plug-in

Hi ,

we have developed a plugin using the "RhinoCommon Plug-In for Rhinoceros 6 (c#)


When we try to install it on one of the designers machine which have Rhino 5 ,
it’s showing up a message that

“you may need to update the latest Rhino service release to use this plug-in”


Read this link below and checked we have the latest service release, its showing the all the latest service releases are in place

is there any way we can install this plugin on the machines where Rhino 5 is installed.


I think the only promising way is to recompile it for Rhino 5, in Visual Studio you can downgrade to Rhinocommon 5.12.50810.13095 using NuGet. you may need to check your code compatibility too.

thanks Mahdiyar for your reply.
Let me try this and update how it goes

We were able to install nuget package for Rhino 5 and compile it.
Its working as of now in Rhino 5 Machines,
Yet to do more testing to ensure that all functionalities are working fine.
But I have to comment the below two line of code
Not sure about the equivalent code for Rhino 5 .

1, RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.InstanceDefinitions.Clear()

[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.Icon, “MyPlugin.EmbeddedResources.plugin-utility.ico”)]

You can find Rhinocommon documentation for Rhino 5 here:

I didn’t test this code but it must be something like this:

var idef = RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.InstanceDefinitions;
for(var i = 0; i < idef.Count; i++)
    idef.Delete(i, true, true);