Confused about Rhinocommon and installed Rhino version

Hi all,

I’m confused about versions in Rhino and plugin development.
I encountered the following problem while running a script which I developed for automated opening of grasshopper files.

I checked the Rhinocommon and Grasshopper version I used while developing. And both are on 7:34

It seems to me that the Local SDK is referring to my installed Rhino version and that the Referenced SDL is referring to the Rhinocommon version I used while scripting? Or is this logic false?
I tried to update my rhino to SR version in the hop to solve this problem, but no luck there.

Can someone help me out? Do need to downgrade the rhinocommon? Do I need to install a different version Rhino?

kind regards Reinder

Hi @r.weenink,

The RhinoCommon referenced by the plug-in is newer than the Rhino used by the customer. Either have the customer upgrade their Rhino or build your plug-in with an older RhinoCommon.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thanks. i’ve set the rinocommon version in the plugin several times. I probably did something wrong because this didnt solve the problem. Today i tried again but this time I removed all pacakages from the plugin and this i succeeded. Is there an easy way to find all package references?