Plugin or script for standard threaded objects (like in Fusion 360)?


Does anybody have a recommendation for a plugin or script (Rhino or Grasshopper) to produce standard threads, ISO or other?

I want to use this for 3D printing, like shown in this recent Clockspring 3D video:

The relevant part of the video starts at around 4:50! He works in Fusion 360.

If you recommend a plugin, it should work on macOS too. And yes, I know how to do these by hand. :slight_smile:


There’s a standard screw plugin called Bolt-Gen.
I think you can find it on food for Rhino or this thread. Also mcmaster carr has bolt models with threads in iges format you can download for free.

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Bolt-Gen works great on macOS! Thanks for pointing this out. The website is something else. :slight_smile: