Plugin Installer and Updater


I was the last 3 years working on web apps and I’m really lost about installers. I’m working on a plugin under MIT license.
May you recommend me an installer software? In the past, I was using NSIS, but I don’t know if it is still in use.

I was reading the plugin-installer-windows page (, but I don’t understand how Rhino manages the updates. I was thinking every time the plugin loads, as to a backend about the newest version, but when we execute the new version?


It doesn’t. If the user wants to update the plug-in, then they must do so themselves either by downloading an update (from Food4Rhino perhaps) or by using the new Package Manager included on the Rhino WIP. Of couse, the plug-in can always provide it’s own “check for updates” feature.

– Dale

I think the best option is Food4Rhino! :slight_smile: