Update notifications for plugins?

Rhino is pretty intent on not missing a chance to let us know that an update is available for itself. Your only choices are to install it or effectively dismiss the notification till the next time you start or quit Rhino.

On the contrary updates to plugins go basically unnoticed until you go to the Package Manager, switch to the installed tab and then look for the little arrow icon pointing up. Then you press “install” to install the new version? Shouldn’t it be called “update”?

Nowhere does it mention “update” and there seems to be no option to be notified of updates.

V-Ray actually utilize their own software and use Windows notifications to let you know about an update.

The Shapediver plugin had gone through something like 8 updates without me noticing.

So my question: Are there any plans to have a somewhat more robust update system for plugins? Of course these should be optional and dismissible (like the Rhino updates should be), but it would be great if they were there.

Curious why that was never a part of Package Manager, when the updates to Rhino itself are so important that we are told at every opportunity?

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Personally I host a version file on our webserver and run an update method at the plugin startup, the method will fetch the version from the webserver and if the fetched version does not match the plugin version I send a notification (using Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Notifications;)

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In Rhino 8, plug-ins that are installed through the package manager update automatically.

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