Plugin Development in C# - How do I start?

Hi All,

I would like to ask for some directions on how should i start building some basic plugins in Rhino (not interested in grasshopper).
So far I have been using Python scripting but quite often i see some limitations on what i can achieve.
Therefore, i m thinking to try learn C# using RhinoCommon.

Please have in mind that I m an engineer and not a programmer and therefore i would like to start the c# journey from scratch. Is there any course that you can suggest?

Thanks all in advance for your help

The RhinoCommon side you can start at Guides

If you still need to learn C# I suggest to find C# tutorials on the internet to first get acquinted with the language.

Once you figure out how loops, if else, functions/methods and classes work, there is not much difference.

I would advise you to install Visual Studio 2019, go to the visual studio marketplace and download and install the Rhino-Template (RhinoCommon templates for v6 - Visual Studio Marketplace) and create first project. Let VS create the sample code and work from that.

For anything else, just search “how to x in c#” and open a simple c# reference like in the background and get onto it.

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