Resources for absolute beginners

Dear All,

I am looking for some resources regarding rhino development and programming for absolute beginners. As regards my profession is rather artist-engineer in construction but feeling ambitious to learn new things like programming. Well, I have checked a lot of things, but still find new eras in this topic.
So, the things would be helpful to explain how to develop a plugin for rhino, essential expressions regarding rhino: plugin types, software structure, debugging etc. Well, the first difficult thing is how to start. I have got some very good links about python scripting, I found the SDK, also the visual studio extension, only one thing missing is the explanation of the general process.
So, any rhino specific books, internet resources would be appreciated.

Assuming you are using RhinoCommon with C# (or VB.NET, but I would advise c#) take a look at these samples

These helped my get a first start in programming RhinoCommon, albeit with >10 years of programming experience.

To build programming experience, I can recommend a good learning book for C#. An example of that is

I would strongly advise against starting with C++ and the Rhino SDK; almost everything you can do with C++ you can do with C# and RhinoCommon these days. C++ is very difficult to master in comparison with C#.

I would start with the Python 101 manual listed at

Once you have the basics of using python, you can always expand on that with topics like RhinoCommon or C#.

Hello, thanks for your reply,

menno, thank for your suggestion, book looks great, a lot of things explained!

Steve, thanks again your suggestion, so I try with python scripts first, with basic things and later I will try to expand my knowledge towards real programming.