Plugin Compatibility - intermittent issue

Hi folks,
So in the last month or so, I have had three users come to me with the same issue. The compatibility check failed my plugin. Pachyderm is compiled for Rhino 5, but it has worked in Rhino 6 with no issues for several years now. I can usually get them going if I can get them to install the plugin on another computer… however, this is a hardship for some of them, as they may be students or from a part of the world of lesser means.

Does anyone have a sense for what might be causing the plugin compatibility check to fail? Needless to say, it works fine on my machine.

kind regards,


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Hi @Arthur,

I just installed Pachyderm and it seems to load into an internal Rhino 6 SR29 that I have installed.

To be helpful, we’ll need more information about the Rhino installation used by those who cannot load your plug-in.


– Dale

Hi Dale,

I think I’ll have to copy you in on an email thread with one of them.

Would that be alright?


Sure, of course.

– Dale