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Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am fairly new to grasshopper and I am currently trying to create 2D contour plots, where I can hopefully define the contour values I would like to see on the plots, from a series of XYZ coordinates taken from excel. I have already attached the excel and grasshopper file. If would be great if you help me to fix the file,
[Heat map with| (25.1 KB) t](upload:// (10.7 KB)

Hi -

I’m not sure what, exactly, the question here is. I see that, in your Grasshopper definition, you don’t get any values from the Excel file. If that is the extent of the issue, you should just install one of several plug-ins that imports data from Excel.

One that I haven’t yet used but appears to make people happy can be found from this post:

Your attachment didn’t quite make it all the way through. Here is a link to your file that should work:

In the attached modified version, I have internalized the Excel data and created points from that (white group). When I then connect that to the rest of your definition, I get some kind of heat map:

Heat map with (31.7 KB)

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Hi Wim,

Thank you so much for your help,
Can you please help me with how to internalized my data to a grasshopper? I have a problem loading lunch boxes in grasshopper

Hi -

You can internalize data in a component by right-clicking on the input side:

I take it that this doesn’t have anything to do with anything else in this thread?
Lunchbox is a Grasshopper plug-in. You can either download it from Food4Rhino or automatically download and install it through the PackageManager.
If you are on Rhino 7, you can use this link: rhino7://package/search?name=Lunchbox
If you are on Rhino 6, you can use the -TestPackageManager command and search for “Lunchbox”. You’ll need to have an up-to-date copy of Rhino 6 to be able to install Lunchbox.

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I updated rhino and my issue solved, Thank you so much Wim