Datasmith exporter not compatible with current Rhino version?

Just thought I’d try it out today, but the UE installer says it’s not compatible with the current version.

Hi -

You’ll have to get in touch with the developers of that plug-in about this issue.

Ok, thanks Wim, will do.

Is this a known issue? Part of the reason I’m asking here is to determine if I’ve set something up improperly within Rhino.

Hi -

I’m afraid I really don’t know. It’s impossible to keep track of all plug-ins.

Ok, thanks.

I got into UE 4.25 for a while with a sabbatical project last fall… A Journey Into VR It might be of interest to read through the Process page. I used UE 4.25 and the Datasmith plugin to import 3dm but I never experimented with exporting to Rhino if that is what you’re having trouble with.

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Thanks Brian-
Yes, I’m referring to the Datasmith plugin… I can’t install in the most current version of Rhino.

Would love to try it out, as I suspect that because of the nature of Rhino, models may import more cleanly to UE in regard to UV/Lightmaps. That said, I do have to figure out how to manupulate UVs in Rhino.

Do you mean Rhino 7? Or a plugin for Rhino 7? I just used the Datasmith plugin in UE nothing in Rhino 7 though.

Hi Brian,

Referring to this:

“Before you can begin exporting your Rhino content to Unreal Engine, you will need to install the Unreal Datasmith Exporter for Rhino.”

Installing the Datasmith Exporter for Rhino


Although I hadn’t used that plugin in the past… I just tested it and it works in Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 for saving out .udatasmith files which are then imported with the Datasmith plugin in UE. Geometry and textures came across and in most cases the mapping looks good. There may be some oddities with how mapping in blocks is coming through, but it mostly looks good.

In any case, I’m not sure I’m helping any but the plugin works here in Rhino 6 for Windows and Rhino 7 for Windows despite Epic saying it only supports Rhino 6. It auto loaded in v7 too.

Thanks Brian-

Unfortunately, I can’t get it to install… did it work just installing it from the executable for you?

Yes, what version of Rhino do you have? Maybe update from Rhino - Rhino - Downloads

Version 7 SR6
(7.6.21127.19001, 2021-05-07)

Says it’s up to date.

That should work fine. Do you get any error message when running the installer for Rhino Datasmith plugin, other than version not supported? I checked the plugin in Rhino 6 first after installing it since that was what they said they supported. It added the .udatasmith extension when saving the file. I then tested in Rhino 7 and the plugin auto loaded allowing the same. I’m not sure why your install of it is failing but you can always just import a 3dm file directly with Datasmith in UE as an alternate option.

Thanks Brian - I’ll try again & check with Epic too if it still won’t install.

I didn’t get any other pop-up notification. Is there a Rhino log file generated that I could look at?

Not for a plugin failure that I know of. We generate one if Rhino’s installer fails but this is a third party plugin. Maybe your SystemInfo command results would offer more clues though.

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Hello. I’m having the same problem and my installer just says wrong Rhino version, when I try to install.
I’ve read elsewhere about a preview version 4.27, is that referring to Unreal 4.27 or Datasmith 4.27?

Thanks for any help.

It may help someone else to note that my colleague is using a mac with unreal 5 and 7 installed. He can export using Datasmith exporter without any issues. I’m wondering if somehow having both versions of Rhino installed is making the difference. Or perhaps installing Rhino 7 while having Rhino 5 installed just bridged the functionality of datasmith over from one to the other.

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Just saw this… Interesting. Would like to know if anyone has “solved” this.

Is your Rhino installation in the “default” ( C:\Program Files\Rhino 7 ) directory or is it in some other custom place? I’m assuming you’re trying to install the plugin on Windows.