Please make the layer interface more snappy

While attempting to move a layer to another place (LMB+drag), when the pointer reaches the top of the visible part of the layer list, it often gets stuck, unless you find the exact speed at which to move the cursor that will scroll up the list.

I wish this was more snappy and reliable


An alterantive solution would be if the up and down arrows would move while press&hold them with the LM button. Now they move only OnClick, which isn’t what you want when moving rows very far.

// Rolf

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Hi Rolf, the problem with the arrows is that they will only move layers up through their “siblings” in the layer tree : the layers that are at the same hierarchical level.
When moving by “drag and drop”, one can place a layer exactly where one wants in the tree.
Two very different operations, really.

Moving layers around more easily ?
Anyone ?