Please help - VisArq elements no longer linked

At some point during a save last night, a massive file I am working in was saved without the VisArq template. I reimported the visarq elements into my file, so I can now use the library, but none of the blocks from my model are linked. For example, if I click on a wall it is not recognized as a wall and I do not have the power to edit it within the wall settings. None of my drawings are linked to my model anymore and won’t update.

Please tell me there is a way to fix this.

Hi @alybullo,
VisualARQ objects inserted as blocks from external files, can’t be edited in the model where you have inserted them, unless you explode the block. This will break the connection with the referenced file though, of course. If you don’t explode the block, the VisualARQ objects should be editable in the original file.

If you can provide some files where this doesn’t work, please send them over to
In any case, I recommend you using the “embedded and linked” option when you insert files that contain VisualARQ objects. Otherwise, the plan view representation of objects won’t be displayed properly.