How can I still link all the visualarq object after save as another file?

In order to clear up the original file, I open a new file for my model in rhino. But then I found that all the object cannot update automatically after I changed my style. So, how can I do in order to make them back in link??

Thank you so much for your time! Should be a easy task for you guys.

Hi @Ka_Chun_Ringo_Chan, I’m not sure to understand you well. What do you mean by "make them back in link? are you trying to insert a model with VisualARQ objects inside a new document? In that case do it as an emmbed and linked file. That way ff you edit the styles of the original file and update the inserted block in the new document, objects will update.
If you just want to use the same VisualARQ styles in different documents, you can generate a .val file (running the vaStylesExport command) that collects all your object styles, and import it in different documents with the vaStylesImport command.

Hi, Fsalla,

I guess you understand my question haha.

I’m working in separate file and when I combine them together, it doesn’t work as one of them will lost the linking with visualarq and have to adjust one by one manually.

How can I embed and linked the file??

Run the insert command. Select the file to insert and click OK. The Insert File Options dialog will open. Select embed and link option: