Please help me ! i have problem with slecting object can’t move freely

I have a problem with selecting objects and cant move freely whenever i make curve or move always to object not planeC or anything!! please help me QUICKLY and i dont have time :((((

try disabling object snap.

  1. Relax. Life will go on.
  2. Explain yourself clearly. I do not understand the problem.
  3. close and open the file. try to isolate the issue.
    Good luck.

make a screen shot of your snap settings, also which command exactly are you using in the beginning?

do you maybe have SnapToSubDObject enabled? try running the command and just hit enter without selecting anything that should toggle it off, any luck?

ohhh i did command snaptoobject but then i can’t undo so how can i turn unenable?

just activate the command once more that will turn it off

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thank u so much!!! its my first time to post these its really useful… again u made my day!!