Please give us bad objects!

OK, with that catchy title, I hope to garner some attention… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I try to bake an invalid curve I get this way cool dialog…


If I check either of the first two, it allows me to bake bad curves into the document. The second choice is a one-shot, thereafter it doesn’t ask anymore - however if you have CheckNewObjects in Rhino turned on, that dialog will come up when a bad curve is baked (which is good!).

So, why don’t we have this for all other object types??? Right now one cannot bake bad breps - they simply fail silently to bake.

Please let us, the users, make the decision as to whether baking bad brep, mesh, etc. objects is useful or not, don’t make that decision for us.

Give us bad objects!!!

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Hey Mitch -

Can you give us a .gh that would grant your wish?

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Here ya go… Shake and bake!

Note an interesting phenomenon as well - if you deactivate the custom preview on the valid objects, the invalid previews disappear as well. In fact the custom preview component also refuses invalid objects. But even the brep parameter at the right which is set to preview with the standard settings does not preview if the valid object custom preview is turned off.

(data is internalized) (5.0 MB)