Force bake an invalid Mesh

Hi, is there a way to force bake an invalid mesh or convert an invalid mesh to a valid one?

It seems to produce a rendermesh which I know can be extracted on Rhino, but is there someway to extract it through a c# script?

You can bake invalid meshes to rhino. Converting depends on how your mesh looks and what’s broken.

There’s some things that you can attempt to do via C# (but if the mesh is 100% bananas don’t expect the Holly Grail). Plus you must provide rules: for instance if an edge is connected to more than 2 faces what face to discard?

Post some test meshes (I assume that you are 100% familiar with mesh connectivity trees and how to get them (not via Sandbox)).

I tried baking it - but it doesn’t show up on the rhino viewport.

The mesh is an attempt at a point cloud to mesh conversion. ~ 5 million faces generated using dendro . I’m on mobile atm but can post a snap of it in a bit.

Im just trying to convert the pcloud to a mesh in rhino and export it to zbrush.

Which rhino are you using? In 6 you get asked if you want to bake it or not. Possible that you said no some time ago and saved the setting?

Oh, i wasn’t aware of this was a thing in R6. it worked.

I was trying to baking it using the custom preview component before so probably didnt work then. Just realised how dumb this question is. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your help!

I did this and said ‘do not ask again’ - how can I revert my choice to ‘yes, bake invalid objects’ ?

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Can you post the mesh? I have a component that is quite good at making invalid meshes into valid ones. Would like to test on your mesh before suggesting it.