Grasshopper will Preview Geometry But Not Bake

Exterior Envelope (24.6 KB)

I am confounded by the bake function in grasshopper. This has never happened before and I’m wondering if perhaps there is something wrong in my scripting. Kindly find attached a grasshopper script that will preview, but not bake. Perhaps I am missing something?

Model is uploaded here:

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I’ve uploaded the model with the geometry information. Thought it was too big for download, so I’ve attached a drop box link.

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why you didn’t try to create a simple example

Are you asking for a simple example?

i download the file ; just maybe other people can’t download big files

Any help is truly appreciated. First time on the blog. Thanks for looking Seghier!

just an idea if you can create a curve than extrude it

Baking will fail if the geometry is invalid. This may be the case here, I’m on an iPad now and cannot check.

Thanks David.

Yeah I did some research and that’s what it sounds like, however, the geometry bakes “sometimes”, which makes this difficult to pinpoint.