Please Fix the Material Previews, Again

  1. The material preview really hits my 12-core AMD 3900x system really hard, and takes minutes to generate previews.
  2. There is no flat preview, which is would be really quick, once the material is made.
  3. A sphere might be nice if it can be afforded, but the whatever that thing in the center of the sphere–does little but reduce the surface area of the material preview. It takes away from the very front of the sphere that would have faced the user.
  4. Changing the previews to plane, meant that only one was updated.
  5. Trimmed corners on the material preview add nothing but needless visual complexity to see around.
  6. It seems reasonable that the default background could be a simple one?

I feel a little bad because the material previews–just got fixed in V6.


We know …this is all going to be fixed


Is this considered fixed now?

Hi @andy,

not sure whats happening here but using Rhino 7 SR22 (7.22.22241.7001, 2022-08-29) i get partially black material previews after creating a material. If i change the preview type from List to Grid or Tree they eventually appear … or disappear:


Hi Clement -

That’s a glitch that briefly sneaked into a few builds and is fixed in newer internal builds.
Do you have the previous SRC still on your disk to revert to?

Thanks @wim, i’ve found a previous installer but it’s telling me that is already installed. I’ll just wait for the next release candidate to prevent goofing something up :slight_smile:


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