Strange Material Previews in Rhino 8

I have a fairly fresh install of Windows 11 and Rhino 8, and am finding some strange material previews in the material palette of Rhino 8. Instead of displaying the typical material preview where the material is applied to a globe object, my preview shoes a few squished images of the globe, while 80% of the bottom preview is just black. See the attached image for reference.

I’m not sure if this is unique to my computer, but this has persisted through multiple updates of Rhino 8 and my nVidia GPU drivers. My current versions for both are:

  • Rhino 8.4.24044 (latest as of this post)
  • GeForce Game Ready Drivers 551.61 (latest as of this post)

Does anyone have a similar issue and have managed to resolve it?

Set your update frequency to Service Release Candidate and update to Rhino 8.5.

If you don’t want to update just yet you can set under Tools > Options > Rhino Render the viewport sharpness all the way to sharp (all the way to the right). After that previews should render correctly. To force a rerender for a thumbnail press left mousebutton in the preview, hold and drag to tumble the preview.

Viewport sharpness and a re-render did not achieve anything in Rhino 8.4. However, updating to Rhino 8.5 solves the issue. Might have been a preview bug somewhere that has been resolved in 8.5.

Yes, I made lots of improvements in Rhino 8.5.

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