Please add subunit type option to custom units

Please, please add the option within custom units to have a subunit type.
Many antique scales have a subunit like modules are broken down into 60 seconds but many plans are in seconds and modules, like feet and inches another antique system. I’ve been asking this for a long time. This would mean to add an extra option in the custom unit menu.

Also maybe it’s just easier to hard code these into template types like light years you have light years why not add some of these antique scales? Rhino should at least have cubits I think more people are doing columns than actual galaxies.

But you must have the sub option to render these flawless to the user. Actually these modules make a lot of sense number wise especially dividing into 60 instead of 12 or 10.

I’m sorry, just stating my opinion here.

This is nonsense. There are internationally accepted metric systems. (well in fact there’s only one internationally accepted SI, but the old British Empire colonies decide to use some maybe more natural (derived from the nature, at least at the beginning) but without any intuitiveness)

I would then insist instead of radians we use gradians, whereas the pi/2 is not 90 degrees but rather 100.

In an effort to be diplomatic.
For your education Rhino has a “custom unit setting” and that is what the thread is about. I am asking for a “sub unit option to be added to custom units”.
Your completely off base check the help file about adding your own custom uinit type then maybe you might understand what this thread is about though I admit it’s obscure but has nothing to do with your comments.

And to McNeel come on add the sub unit option when you had an enlightened attitude in the past you gave us custom units but it needs a sub unit option. It’s been since v3 that I asked surely this can’t be that hard to do. Adding the subunit rounds out this option and makes it complete and really useful.



Hi RM - I’ll add the wish if it is not there, but I’ll just point out that none of the unit systems has sub-units built in- the command line can parse feet and inches if you type it the right way, but that is not the same thing… I’m not sure how this would be implemented - how do you want to use this, exactly? Is it a custom typing convention like ’ & " for feet and inches that you’re after?

Hm… That particular unit is a little hard to pin down, I think. The armwrestling over what brand of cubit is best would be entertaining, at least - what kind do you use? I guess the idea with light years and parsecs is at least these are clearly defined. I’d also be surprised if they are used much.


Hi Pascal,
Sorry for the tardy reply let me get back to you in a couple of days I’m working a large job where we have to be ready before the school year starts.
Too funny I know the cubits can be many measures.
Talk to you soon and thanks for replying I’ve got templates I want to post and nail this down. I think there is a way.

Hence, my first reply to this topic.

Hi Pascal,

I see it working this way to make it easier on Mcneel.
Custom unit name would not need anything you merely type any number and it works in that custom unit like it does now, for typing the subunit you would type csu or su (abbreviations for CustomSubUnit) then the numbers. An example 1csu20 would be 1 custom unit and 20 custom sub units.

If using the measure tool Rhino would report in your custom unit name and csu for units smaller than the custom unit. So it might look like:
3 doric modules and 20 csu when measuring, but for input we wouldn’t need to specify the name of the main custom unit in this case the Doric module.

Yes which cubit I say all of them and here are the numbers
Cubit: northern 3000 bc to 1800 AD 26.6 inches
Cubit: biblical 21.8 inches
Cubit: Egypt 2650 BC 20.6 inches
Cubit: Babylon 1500 BC 20.9 inches
Cubit: Assyrian 700 BC 21.6 inches
Cubit: Ancient Greece 18.2 inches
Cubit: Druid 1 AD 20.4 inches
Cubit: Mexico Aztec 20.7 inches
Cubit: Ancient China 20.9 inches
Cubit: England 18 inches

In my class we model from antique plans and have to do many conversions. We need to have sub units to do this easily. I also have tutorials in Rhino on how to model these objects from antique plans but I need the sub units to make it easy on the viewers and readers. Please add this to a V6 service release. It will also help in analyzing existing buildings and structures when doing historical research.
Thanks for you help and consideration,

@3dsynergy, I suggest you learn some programming and together with your colleagues develop a plugin to display all of these ancient (meaning dead) unit systems. I am sorry but to redirect McNeel’s programmers to implement this kind of dead stuff instead of fixing bugs and developing new tools used by modern engineering is ridiculous, to say the least.

My request is not about CUBITS or ancient measuring systems. Can you not understand the very title of this thread? I merely mentioned cubits as a joke and notice Pascal answered “which one”. If McNeel wants to add a template with cubits it would be nice, but it’s not hard in fact anyone who “knows” Rhino can do it now that’s why I added the numbers. I have all those templates and it’s easy to set a custom unit to any of those numbers.

The thing you can’t do to any custom unit is you can’t further subdivide that custom unit into sub/units and that is my request not to add cubits as a measuring system but to have the ability to further sub divide any custom unit. The fact that you a proclaimed programmer don’t know this means you don’t know rhino or programming because this ability doesn’t exist. Worse you make the error of not even trying to understand what my request is and rant about cubits not once but every time.

My “custom unit” is basically unitless (meaning it can be set to any size length) it’s called a module. I am requesting additional subunits a division of that module/custom unit, this is the crux. That would totally round out the custom unit setting and make it exponentially more usable, as it then could accommodate any system down to its sub unit setting. That is my request “Please add subunits to the custom unit type” and I am now telling you the same thing yet again and again.

Pascal asked me how we would go about doing custom sub/units in Rhino and I answered him but you don’t even get it.


I respect only the SI system, but even that’s not my point.

My point is anything that differs from the metric and imperial systems is not worthy spending resources on.

Btw the time you spent responding to my provocations could probably be long enough for you to develop a script that does the calculations you want to see or whatever sub-unit you wish to see in Rhino.

Well, added to the pile. I also suggest, as a practical matter in the near term, some scripted workarounds…


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for adding it to the wish list it.
I have all the scripted workarounds but they are cumbersome at best that’s why I am asking for this.