Please add "EarthAnchorPoint" class to Rhino3DM!

McNeel Team!

Rhino3DM Wish
Would it be possible to add the EarthAnchorPoint class to Rhino3DM (Python and Javascript especially in my case).

Use Case
I’m trying to do more geo-processing between GIS and Rhino. Since GIS is very strong with CPython, it would be very powerful to have access to the EarthAnchorPoint class available to process geodata and read/write to Rhino and Grasshopper.

Read a GeoJSON or GeoPackage file and process the data, sending to a Rhino3D file with correct EarthAnchorPoint location so the geometry is centered. I need to map the GIS to Rhino geometry of course, but that’s a separate issue. Using Rhino3DM Python within a Jupyter notebook, or QGIS script could help bridge the import/export gap for now.

Thanks for considering!

Sure; I added this issue to our rhino3dm github repo

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@stevebaer I see that you closed the Issue, and also that there is a new Rhino3DM 0.16.0 on Pypi. Thanks!

Question: I cannot find it in the Python. Was it released in version 0.16.0?
In a new python file I import rhino3dm… but I cannot find EarthArchorPoint anywhere.

I’ve looked under all the:

  • rhino3dm.File3dm* subclasses.
  • rhino3dm.File3dmRdkDocumentData

Make sure you are using rhino3dm 0.16.0. You can easily check with the following code

import rhino3dm

I just installed 0.16.0 into python 3.9.2 on my computer and this is what I see

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