Plasma Studio Similar model


currently im trying to develop a building based on parametrical operations. Basically im trying to recreate this PLASMA STUDIO |.

im currently using the populate command to create random points at random heights, but i wanna set a minimum cap of 3 metres on the Z (so the space is available). I tried with the deconstruct points in coordinates and tried with the domain command but it seems not to be suitable.

Thnx for future help :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the minimum space between ground and point? You could ‘elevate’ the box you’re populating to that height, no? Otherwise, are you referring to finding and removing points that are below that 3 m mark?

Your topic title does not match what you’re trying to recreate.

Try to be clearer :slight_smile:

thnx for the fast reply. Basically the programs is generating random points with a Z value. i need it to be automatically set above 3 in order to not have too much of a height difference.

Should i change the topic title?

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Maybe, just for fun haha “random points with preset elevation” ? That way the truly smart people can come help :slight_smile:

Anyway, the random population of points via the 3D population component doesn’t let you do that, but you could dispatch points that are generated above 3:

An easy alternative would be to make sure the ‘bottom’ level of your populated box is already at 3 m or above, that way all points will be ‘automatically’ generated at or above 3 m.

Or, maybe something like this idea: (11.2 KB)

It replaces your ‘Z’ value of all your original random points with another random value that’s told to be at or above 3 m.

Does this info help?

Hi, thnx a lot. I cant try it now cause im not home but i will soon :slight_smile: