Planes Z-axis directions


Aim is to flip only Z axis the of planes where X and Y axes stay in the same direction. Unfortunately, using the flip plane is still flip X and y axes. what is the fix?
Flip plane Z (30.7 KB)


This really isn’t difficult.

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Hi @MomoJawad ,

I don’t believe you can flip it like you expect. Rather you need to think about the Z as a negative value if you want the XY to remain as is but move/manipulate the plane in the opposite direction you would provide a Negative component or -x expression to the “Z” or “Normal” vector of your plane in any operations you are doing.

Does that make sense?

Alternatively you can use Cross Product with the X,Y vectors of your plane with a negative expression on your cross product output. This will give you the negative Z vector you seek and you can I guess then create a sort of “psuedo inverted plane”

Now keep in mind there’s a reason a plane can only be “1 way” as you get complicated with neg and pos values when you try to flip only one vector and not another. This is why you should work with vectors in your case and not a plane necessarily… or at least not entirely.

That being said here’s an inverted fake plane that achieves what you are after, I made the -Z purple to highlight the fact that it is in fact negative and not a proper plane Z positive value.

Or perhaps I’m overthinking this and you can flip just the Z… I don’t think so though.

Graph Space:

Model Space:

2023104_Flip plane Z (43.0 KB)


The old “Right-hand rule”:


Thank you for the replays. I managed to achieve what I do need by calculating the Dot product of the Z axis and mirroring the geometries that have a negative Dot product value.

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