Axis orientation when using Plane Normal

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I was trying to construct Planes using Plane Normal, which takes as input an origin point and a Z-axis. Clearly this is enough information to define a plane, but not enough to constrain the orientation of the X and Y axes in the new plane. What is it that determines these axes? I am getting them coming out irregularly, although clearly with some pattern to it.

The attached file has a circle of origin points, with vectors to define my Z-axis. Deconstructing the plane and displaying the X-axis of each shows my issue. What is the rule here? (8.7 KB)

I don’t know the “rule” (maybe GH takes its best guess…) but you could use Align Plane to orient them all in the same direction.

you can create your own normal planes using Cross Product and Construct Plane – probably more predictable. (14.8 KB)

You’ll notice that the two results are not the same, perhaps because the circle is off-center.

Thank you very much! Both of these look to be good ways to regain consistency, and I will use them for the project I was working on… but I am still bemused by the actual behaviour.

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