Planes which are perpendicular to the end of curves which are at different angles

Hi, probably a very simple problem.

I am trying to make planes which are perpendicular at the end of each curve which are all at different angles, but can only make planes which are 0 degrees on the end (shown in the example). How do you do this?


Perp Frame and then possibly Align Frame if you want each plane’s X axis to point in a certain direction.

Cool, thanks. This solution seems to work regardless of the ‘red’ comment.

The component is red because you are using it incorrectly. Read the error message by clicking the little red box at the top right of the component.

Curve length is not (usually) an appropriate value for ‘t’. If you reparameterize the ‘C’ input (right click on it to do that) you can use a value of 0 for the start and 1 for the end of the curve.

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Thanks for clearing that up. It’s working well now!