Planes gone in wrong Direction

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Trying so much to project rail post on top surface of barriers but missing something bec the posts or going on different side facing.

Please check if you can help or have a better approach.
Bridge Rail Posts.3dm (1.2 MB)

Bridge Rail (9.3 KB)
Best Regards and Advance thanks.

Some of your curves are going into opposite direction and the crv end / seam is not always at the same place. Unless you fix this in Grasshopper, it affects everything you do afterwards. There are a few ways to solve this problem.

Change the curve seams in Rhino using the _CrvSeam command.

Yellow is not the most suitable color for a curve in Rhino due to the selection highlight also being yellow. Any other color makes it easier to see what is selected.

Now all seams are at the same place and the place.

Some of the curves also need to be flipped, which can be done in Rhino or Grasshopper.

The goal is to provide correct curves so you can avoid trouble later on.

Either flip the curves with this trick (thanks @Joseph_Oster) using a circle as a guide or do it manually in Rhino.

The way you constructed the planes seems a bit complex to me. All your target surfaces are planar. The projected polylines therefore are also planar.

I’m not sure which orientation is correct for the final placement of the parts, so I added a rotate plane option…

I’ve added a second option which instead of projecting curves projects just the center point of the plane locations onto the target surfaces. The surfaces will have to be untrimmed for the projection to work. The orientation and seam of the base curves is irrelevant with this approach.

This approach uses the orientation of the surface frames of the target surfaces for the plane orientation.

Bridge Rail Posts.3dm (1.5 MB)
Bridge Rail (150.4 KB)

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Thank you @martinsiegrist for the help. Really appreciate that. it will help learn a lot now. Cheers.

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