Plane creation error/bug

Is there anyone can share your thought why GH can not generate plane for the curve 1&3(turned out to null plane) in this simple definition? Is this a bug or am I missing anything? Thank you in advance for your time.

Plane (11.2 KB)

you have to internalize the curves (so that we can see them in your uploaded file)

actually, no need. The construct plane has a default value of 0,1,0 for the y vector. So when you put 0,1,0 or 0,-1,0 as inputs for the x, the two axes are colinear and it is impossible to define a plane.

If you want a routine that will construct a plane regardless of the line orientation, just rotate the vector 0.5π (90°) and feed that into the second axis:

(this assumes your lines and planes will all lie on xy planes, as in your example.)


You need a perpendicular vector (8.6 KB)

Make sense, thanks Aris!

Yeah, interesting suggestion, thanks