Null Plane Error

Hi All,

I have a bunch of planes but there is one which is null, can someone please point out what i am doing wrong or how to fix it please?

Null (12.3 KB)

Sorry but I don’t know how to say this delicately… the file is a mess!

The Vector 2Pt that supplies the ‘X-Axis’ input to Construct Plane is generating a null vector {0,0,0} for the last item, apparently because the preceding Shift List ‘Wrap’ input is set to False. Set that to True and the last plane becomes valid.

Null (19.0 KB)

Thanks @Joseph_Oster :smiley: I realised how messy it is. I think you did answer my question about the last item in the list. Setting the wrap to true does not produce the right plane I need. I found a work around this by adding 0.1 to to the dispatch pattern value.

I gave up trying to understand it because of the mess and focused only on finding the cause of the invalid ‘Null Plane’. Messy code is way more difficult to understand! Don’t do that.

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I totally Understand. Thanks