Planarized voronoi, not coincident cells

Hi Everybody,

I am working on a definition, I believe based on a kangaroo 2 example from Daniel Piker on how to planarize polygon shapes . I got it to work on a 3d voronoi vase like structure. I am almost happy with the result, and I don’t mind that the shapes of the voronoi cells change dramatically. But what happens is that one side of the structure looks very good to me (most cells have enough of angle between them, so you see the light change). But on the other side of the structure, a lot of the cells are (almost) coincident to each other, so the look like they are in the same plane. See image below (red indicated area):

The other side looks better:

I already tried to use more anchors and tried different strength settings, but I don’t seem to manage to get more variation in this structure. Does anybody have any tips on how to solve this?
Here is the definition: (26.5 KB)

Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Patrick

Since it sounds like you are after something more about sculpting than optimizing, one way could be to use very few goals apart from the Planarization and Grab, to let you interactively shape it into the crumpled form you want: (26.4 KB)


Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much, this is awesome, and I missed that this was possible with kangaroo. Thank you very much, with this I will manage to get it right!

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