Planar Meshes and Planar Beams from Face Offset Component

Hello everyone,
I’ve been running Kangaroo to planarize all the faces of that mesh:

As you can see it worked perfectly!

The problem is that I want all the beams coming from the face offset component -of that same mesh- to be planar as well, and as you can see here… the area at the top has some problems:

So, how can I include that in the goals I give to Kangaroo? is that even possible?

In order for the beams to also be planar, you need your mesh to be conical.

Thanks for your reply!
I understand that, but when I add the Conicalize goal, the mesh even diverges more from being conical!!

Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong?!
I have the file attached here if you can please take a look
Conical (98.5 KB)

It would make sense to separate the top flat part, since that can be a simple offset.
Then it looks like conicalize works well on the main part, getting the beams to less than 1mm twist across a 1m diagonal.

Those edges on the crease itself might need special treatment - the conicalisation is for smoothly curved surfaces.

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Thank you so much Daniel!
Is there anyway that I can rejoin the top of the mesh and offset them together eventually???