Planar hexagons on saddle shape kangaroo 2

I am trying to obtain a saddle type surface with hexagonal panels. I have achieved the panels but they are not very uniform can anyone help me obtain a more elegant solution? Maybe I should any other force which I am not considering. Please help. @DanielPiker Thank you for making these tools…we can do such complex tasks with graphical tools…

planar hexa cells on saddle shape (38.4 KB)

Here’s a definition that lets you interactively shape planar hexagons while keeping them well shaped.
It’s best to keep the planarity slider fairly low while shaping, then slide it all the way up at the end to bake fully planar surfaces. (21.2 KB)


Seems like the definition need 2.5.1 … is this already available for download?

Scroll down in food4rhino and you will find it.

2.5 is only for Rhino 6 at the moment. In fact, if you have Rhino6 and a current service release, it should already be included.
This definition should work with 2.42 in Rhino 5 though with a few small changes - I’ll take a look and try and upload one that does.


It does seem this file requires a Plastic Anchor goal from 2.5.1 (I have 2.5 installed, but still encounter the Unrecognized Objects pop up, FYI).