Plan Style

Hi there,

Is it actually possible to chnage the tag style and the way how the stairs are represented in the plan to something more like this:

With just the tags of the windows and the way how visual arq draws the staircases i will always have to do a work over in 2D to make it a proper plan.

best, G.

Hi @gp.georgpopp ,

I have asked the question about the stair representation a couple of years ago. But it’s not possible right now.

I think the plans you show here are identical(?)

Yeah i mean more like the representation of a proper plan like this for example:

with the lines for windows and doors and the numbers aligned to it and the staircase dotted abover the section,

Hi @gp.georgpopp,
Unfortunately it is not possible to customize the stair arrow representation so far. And neither create these kind of tags that show the profile dimensions that way. This could be achieved with doors or windows created from GH styles that include the tags in their definitions, but I know this option should be available on the tag object. I’ll let you know when there is news on these features.

ok so with GH it would be possible to create one myself?

and also what bothers me a bit is that if i set the print width of a wall curve to a thick line it also draws a thick line in eleveation but i only want it in section.

Hi @gp.georgpopp you can define the attributes for the sectioned area of walls from the wall styles editor (vaWallStyles):

ok. but not for doors, stairs and windows to make them appear like in a proper plan?

Hi George,
The “Attributes” section in the styles dialog is the same for all VisualARQ objects. Just need to select the desired style or component and define the projection or section attributes: