Placing louver rectangle to fit surface as well as controlling the dimension of them (20.5 KB)

surface.3dm (219.1 KB)

Hello, I found a code on rotating louvers but with that code, I want to have control over the dimension, the number of them as well as fitting them onto a surface. Can anyone help me out?

Thank you in advance

Trying to do something like this

Hi @lilsjay123,

Could you expand a little on how you want the louvers and the window cut-outs in your base surfaces to interact?
Should they rotate in front of the windows? In your reference image, the louvers seem to be stationary?

I would like the windows to serve as negative space and be able to rotate on the window.

Thank you

Here’s an example that shows how to achieve a louver facade comparable to your reference image above.

I still don’t get what you exactly want to do, and neither seem other people to understand it, since nobody else replied to your post yet!
You need to be far more precise and explicit in your descriptions, maybe even provide a sketch, if you want to get help around here.

That said, this should at least give you an idea on how to approach something like this. (51.6 KB)

Hello this is perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for. By any chance do you think you can fit it on this wall?

24’ x 728.3dm (52.2 KB)

Sure, here you go! I’ve made a slight adjustment to the script to make it more watertight, but in general, you simply input the surface of your facade and attractor curve. That’s it! (49.9 KB)

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