Place Beam three dimensional in family or project with orientation


I try to produce a framework of beams that are all orientated along a cylindrical surface but with RiR I can only place beams with a line but the orientation is missing.
When I create model lines in a family I can place a beam family by hand in Revit but this is not really an option.
Is there any way to do it?
My workaround for now is to use façade system but I’d like to avoid the mass topic.

Here is an image from inside the family placing the beams with 3D snap:

i think i could help you with this question but first I need more information.
Also are these arcs in one plane?
Also are these arcs planes NOT vertical? If so…
What is your desired final product?
Do you want these beams to be segmented “straight lines” where their end points touch the arc of the cylinder and their “top flanges” are oriented to the surface of the cylinder/webs are in the plane of the arc that is NOT vertical? a zoomed out image or a sample files with the arcs would be very helpful to better understand

You also stated that the image is of the “family” but did you really mean you want to place the beams in the project environment and the arc lines are in a family?

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Here is my solution to the question as I understand it. See image.

This also this brings up another issue about Beam Orientation in Revit. Also see this image as well as an image of how to do Beam orientation using Adaptive Components and Rhino.Inside.Revit taken directly from the Dynamo and Grasshopper Cheat Sheet Reference Manual where there are 100’s of GH for Revit Examples. If you want to check it out click here

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